August 2, 2021

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Viral Grinch prank on child is dividing viewers

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 grinch trick tiktok video

A trick that involves a kid thinking they are taking a Christmas image with the Grinch just to be flung out of their seat is dividing audiences on TikTok.

In a video that was published to TikTok by user @stevenpenn, a little woman is sitting beside the Grinch, who is impersonated Santa and using a protective guard, on a reversed trash bin. The renowned Dr. Seuss character relies on the kid and states, “We’re gon na take a look at mommy’s video camera, OK? And on the count of 3, we’re gon na state, ‘weeee,’ OK?”

” Look at mommy’s electronic camera. All right, 1, 2, 3,” the Grinch continues.

On 3, the Grinch pulls a lever that introduces the kid from the seat. She arrive on the ground, which is cushioned. She recalls at the Grinch and after that at her guardians. “No response out of this one,” the Grinch states, describing the kid’s evident emotionless state.

” It’s the appearance of betrayal for me,” @stevenpenn captioned the video.


While many audiences appear to enjoy the trick, some believe it’s “unfortunate” and “extremely imply.”

” I understand this is implied to be funny, however I seriously believe this is simply extremely indicate. This kid … feels betrayed and is harmed for life,” one TikToker commented.

Another stated that the kid looked “ashamed” which her response made them “unfortunate.”

” OMG I might never ever do this to my woman! That bad lady has trust problems for the rest of her life,” a TikToker included.

Others are flooding the remarks area to go over the users getting distressed by the trick. “If (you’re) mad at this please do not have kids,” one stated.

Since being published previously in the week, the dissentious video has actually been seen over 11 million times and liked more than 2 million times.

These are not the very first guardians who have actually employed the Grinch to prank their kids for Christmas. In another more well-known trick, the Grinch slips up behind kids to terrify them when they are mid-Christmas photoshoot. Several videos and images including this trick have actually gone viral over the previous couple of years, and it is likewise questionable .

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