July 28, 2021

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TikTok video shows Panera food that comes pre-packaged, frozen

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If there’’ s something individuals on TikTok love, it’’ s seeing staff members of chain dining establishments expose the not-so-great tricks behind how particular cherished meals are made. And the current dining establishment on the slicing block is Panera Bread … once again .

The video in concern handled to acquire almost 200,000 likes prior to being erased by its developer, who is probably a Panera worker.

It didn’’ t enter depth into how foods are made like a few of these popular TikTok videos do, however in visiting the food preparation location of the dining establishment, it exposed what seems frozen soups getting warmed up, in addition to pre-packaged and possibly defrosting chicken and macaroni and cheese.


This isn’’ t the very first time Panera has actually been the topic of a TikTok exposé . In 2019, a user by the name of @briannaraelenee claims she lost her task at the bakery-caf é after her video demonstrating how Panera makes its mac and cheese went viral enough that it wound up on the regional news.


Bri’’ s video reveals the macaroni going through a comparable treatment as the soups in the most recent TikTok—– going from adhered getting warmed up in boiling water while in their specific serving size plastic bags.

Some audiences mentioned at the time that this isn’’ t an unusual method to prep food at chain dining establishments, particularly ones that serve a variety of clients.

Yet increasingly more franchises appear intolerant of staff members publishing these kinds of videos to TikTok , regardless of the reality that shooting them might quickly bring more unfavorable attention than the workers, much of whom are teenagers or young people, sharing behind-the-scenes video that doesn’’ t actually take numerous audiences by surprise.

In other words, as the only discuss the repost of the current Panera video mentions, even with frozen soups, ““ Panera still slaps.””


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