August 2, 2021

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Video shows a homeless woman being shoot by a police

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 Video reveals police officers setting a canine loose on homeless female after shooting shots

A freshly appeared video reveals policeman in San Diego shooting at a homeless female and setting a cops K-9 loose on her.

The video was shared by Bailey Anderson, who stated she taped the event from her structure on Tuesday afternoon.


According to Anderson, the female in the video was resting on the pathway and had earlier had an argument with another male. Things were peaceful for about 45 minutes after their argument, and after that Anderson heard sirens, she informed the Daily Dot.

““ As quickly as I went out on my emergency exit, there were over 15 polices pointing their weapons at her,” ” she stated.


In the video, which is 45-seconds long, the female is seen standing by her ownerships on the pathway. She’s having a spoken run-in with a group of 10 officers who are pointing their weapons at her. A K9 authorities pet dog barks at her throughout.

Anderson remarks that the female has a knife, though it’s not plainly noticeable in the video.

A couple of seconds into the video, the female is seen flailing a piece of fabric. The officers contend her, and she begins to run. An officer lets the K-9 loose, and the pet dog chases after the lady as other officers pursued her.

She goes to the corner of the block, at which point she is no longer noticeable in the frame. Twelve officers hurry to the scene and form a huddle over her.

Anderson informed the Daily Dot she couldn’’ t see really plainly since the officers were ““ all on top of her, ” however she did observe a gash on the female’s face. Anderson stated the police officers held the lady down for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to an ambulance pertained to take her.

In her tweet, Anderson stated, ““ This is the outcome of calling kkkops on psychologically ill folks. Is the hassle of sound outside your house worth a life????””


Anderson states she isn’t sure who called the cops however states she has a strong sensation it was somebody from her structure.

““ They discuss doing it typically and they’re happy of doing it,” ” she stated about individuals there who call polices on the homeless neighborhood in the location.

On social networks, individuals revealed their outrage at the officers’ obvious usage of force to resolve what seems a mental disorder crisis circumstance.

““ Can not sufficiently reveal how ENRAGED i am !!!” ” composed one “user. “ This victim required psychological health help! i was a Social Worker who handled numerous circumstances like this, none of which ended like this! Crisis Intervention DOES NOT= FCKNG SHOOTING!!! And, 15 on 1?!””


Some reacted with sarcasm.

““ I hope individuals who care more about home damage than individuals observe that the authorities broke the shop window, too,” another user composed. “Police are rioting.”


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