July 28, 2021

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“F*ck Black Lives Matter”, a woman yelled at a Black Barista after she was asked to wear a mask

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 The female seen shouting at a barista at Starbucks

A video that went viral over the weekend reveals a white female arguing with a Starbucks barista who asks the female to use a mask. The lady is then heard shouting ““ Fuck Black Lives Matter ” at the barista, who is Black.

Alex Beckom, a Starbucks barista in San Diego, California, published the minute-long video on TikTok and Facebook on Sunday.

According to the description of the video, Beckom asked the consumer to keep her mask on, which she at first did. She then took it off, which is when the video starts.

““ I ’ m not gon na listen to anything you state to me when you talk with me like that,” the female states to Beckom, who is using a mask behind the counter and handing the consumer her beverage. ““ And I understand you ’ re victimizing me due to the fact that I’’ m a Trump advocate.”

““ Sure, ” states Beckom. The consumer reacts, ““ Fuck Black Lives Matter. ” Beckom nods and thanks the lady, who then requests for a straw and sugar.

According to the records of the video published as text, Beckom once again informs the lady that she needs to have her mask on the next time she comes. ““ No,” no it ’ s not a law, ” states the consumer, with her voice increasing.” And I can reveal you the chastening code and whatever. It’’ s a scam! ”


The consumer then strolls towards the door while screaming, ““ I wear ’ t need to use a mask, I ’ m not going to use a mask. This is America and I wear ’ t need to do”what you state.”


Beckom states, “ OK, thank you.”


“ Trump 2020! ” the female screams.


“ You require to leave, ” Beckomstates.


“ No, fuck you! ” the female states prior to going out of the shop.

The video reveals her leaving the shop prior to she returns in to shout, ““ Fuck Black Lives Matter!””


“ Wtf does BLM relate to” Covid? ” Beckom composed in the caption of her video.

Many individuals in the remarks area revealed their disappointment at the client’’ s rejection to use a mask– and bigotry.

““ This is revolting, I can’’ t think you needed to manage all of that. Starbucks clients can constantly be the most abrasive however that was oblivious and shockingly racist,” ” composed one user on her Facebook video. ““ I appreciated how you dealt with the scenario. You even continued supplying her a service.” ”


Most individuals respected Beckom’’ s soothe throughout the entire circumstance, applauding her for pleasantly serving the client in spite of the client’’ s open bigotry.

““ I enjoy how you dealt with that. I would have climbed up over that counter so quickly and knocked her out. I wear’’ t have persistence for dumb individuals,” ” composed someone.

According to another TikTok video published hours after the initial one, Beckom states the female is pursuing a suit versus her.

She shared a screenshot of an Instagram story where the user published Beckom’’ s TikTok username and stated they’’ ve submitted an authorities report versus Beckom. The name of the Instagram user is not noticeable in the story. The user declared a Starbucks staff member called her racist which she’’d be submitting a report for libel.

““ More cash for me im taking legal action against (sic),” ” checks out a part of the post, where she likewise threatens the Starbucks worker will ““ lose her task ” which the user would appear ““ at her deal with the cops tomorrow.” ” Beckom did not react to the Daily Dot’s ask for discuss Monday.


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