July 28, 2021

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Things that I’ve learned from 10 years of blogging

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Yep, 10 years. That’’ s about 87,600 hours of uptime throughout 644 posts. Google Analytics informs me that around 6 million visitors have actually fed their eyeballs with something on this website, which provides me a smile. My most popular post is Hyper-Threading Gotcha with Virtual Machine vCPU Sizing with numerous countless views. I think all of us had a comparable concern.

Enough navel looking; I composed an article at the 3 year mark and it seemed like time to do so once again. Formerly, I offered ““ friendly assistance” ” to visitors based upon what I understood utilizing a list:

.Have a special design It’’ s OK to discuss something that another has actually discussed Ignore counters Set objectives Link to your peers Have enjoyable.

In this case, present me concurs with previous me. I believe my thinking and context have actually altered. This post takes an action back and offers self-questioning into brand-new concerns. Specifically, what has altered, why keep composing for so long, and when is this (or any) blog site thought about done?

.Modifications are Needed.

As I compose this, the world is whipping about while having problem with some really unpleasant problems. I’’ ve had a great deal of time to self evaluate. There is constantly more one can do to be kinder and compassionate to other individuals. I can constantly do much better and be much better. It simply takes picking to do so.

You might have discovered the brand-new logo design on all of my residential or commercial properties. I worked with a wonderful developer to do this work. I sent out over a ““ state of mind board ” together with these 5 attributes that I desire visitors to experience when they go to among my websites:

.Invited, welcomed, accepted, part of a neighborhood, in a safe placeIn a technical location, they are technical individuals, this is where technical responses are to be discovered, consisted of in the tech communityVisually thrilled and engaged without taking the focus from the contentThey will find out something helpful todayThey will do something brand-new, amazing, enjoyable, and maybe formerly feared.

That’’ s it. I ’ m simply a little drop of water in a huge ocean of blog sites and individuals. Which’’ s OK!


This modification assists keep me concentrated on the genuine modification that is required in this market by making my own dedications transparent and public. And, I truly like that the ingrained ““ W ” shape conjures up a sensation of digitally linking hands while being below a typical roofing. That’’ s absolutely an excellent ambiance.

Takeaway: Think about your brand name. Truly, actually consider it. Are you implicitly (or clearly) revealing predisposition that shuts off cultures, races, or genders? Does your website reek of poisonous masculinity and ““ beards just ” type terminology, even if not deliberate? This is a good time to repair it.

.No More Comments.

After reading and reacting to almost 3,000 remarks, I have actually disabled them throughout the whole website. Why? The war on spam is strenuous and limitless. I’’ ve needed to handle spam blockers, filters, enable/ reject lists, and other types of drama for too long. Over 100,000 spam remarks have actually been captured by Akismet. It’’ s laborious.

Additionally, remarks as a type of interaction have actually been progressively on the decrease for several years. Getting rid of the remark function has actually increased page load time, minimized my attack surface area, and normally simply made the circulation feel smoother throughout the page. To all of those who have actually dropped a remark in the previous years: thank you!

I now motivate folks to ping me on Twitter or capture a Twitch stream.

Takeaway: Hard options should be made with regard to energy levels. You can’’ t be whatever to everybody. Be offered on the platforms you select. Focus on page load speed over any other metric. Online search engine care.

.What’’ s ThePoint.

To have a good time.

Honestly, that’’ s it.


If blogging’isn ’ t enjoyable, wear ’ t do it. There are plethoras of methods to reveal one’’ s self, consisting of open source contributions, videos, live streams, mentoring, mentor, and offering.

My About page has actually constantly specified:

I established this website in 2010 as a peaceful location to make a note of ideas on different technical obstacles with little issue over publishing schedules and who would in fact read what I composed.

Yes, blogging can assist you get some exposure and ““ direct exposure dollars “, however quality is an evasive eel if the work item is loaded with labor. Hmm, I believe I ’ ll usage that as a quote somewhere else, in fact. Hah! Simply put, jobs that are tiring have a direct connection with the job ’ s output quality.


In my case, I like to compose. My brainis a terrific caching layer however a not-so-great long term retention layer. This blog site is my service to that. Recently I have actually been truly grooving with live streaming and producing technical videos . The imaginative world is abundant with acronyms and lingo, which is my jam!


Takeaway: Flip the blog site discussion on its head. Presume absolutely no individuals ever read your blog site. What do you wish to go out the effort? Be innovative with the response, and amazingly, the all-knowing Google search algorithm will send out individuals your method.

.Objectives and Endgame.

I wear’’ t believe there is a “ this is done ” state for a blog site. The Internet is a weird location. Information gravity is really sticky. Things that are produced tend to last far longer than created or preferred.

.Since much better informed technologists forms an increasing tide that raises all boats, #ppppp> My objective is to provide the ah-ha lightbulb minute through material development.

Sharing your understanding does not put your task at threat; it empowers your group to carry out at a greater level. Iron hones iron.

.—– Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl) February 10, 2015

I like making content stressed with amusing animations and other wacky things. Which advises me! Stay tuned –– I might be presenting you all to a brand-new member of this website. Don’’ t inform anybody, OK?

Back to the subject. At some time, I believe I will lastly carry out the tiresome job of cleansing and moving this heaping stack of article over to a fixed website generator. Not due to the fact that I do not like WordPress (I’’ m in fact a huge fan), however due to the fact that I’’ ll be made with this very long composing experiment called blogging. I’’ ll move it within a git repo and keep feeding the registrar to prevent breaking years of links.

Takeaway: Challenge your presumptions regarding why you compose, what you discuss, and just how much pleasure it brings. A sort of ““ golden circle of the soul” ” if you will. Pivot when it feels like a task. I believe this is my 5th or 4th significant pivot on the website. Modification is generally an advantage.


Well, here we are at the conclusion. Don’’ t let me misguide you into believing I do not like composing or strategy to torch this blog site anytime quickly. I, like everyone, am going through a great deal of ““ insane s ** t ” today, and this post is a bit restorative after being protected in the house for numerous days. At a particular age I’’ m entitled to wax lyrical about the past?

Thank you to everybody who has actually taken some time to check out. I can still keep in mind every trick in The Legend of Zelda: Link’’ s Awakening, I am generally awful at names and deals with. So numerous of you have actually pinged me with a favorable, kind note over these 10 years –– and it sticks.

I value you, more than you will understand, and motivate you to be the leader you wish to see in others.

Stay snazzy, my pals. ✌

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