July 27, 2021

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YouTuber and son perform Play-Doh C-section

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 play-doh c-section

After a YouTuber assisted her child recreate a cesarean area birth utilizing Play-Doh in honor of his 4th birthday, commenters compared the video to the video game Operation. Some were fretted that the activity would be hazardous.

The mom, whose YouTube deal with is The Breakfasteur, is a physician who utilizes her channel to teach her kids about anatomy and surgical treatment.

In the video submitted on Saturday, the mom and child duo utilized Play-Doh and plastic tools to carry out the C-section. As the child cuts through each layer of the Play-Doh, his mom discusses each part’s designated function.

At the end of the video, the 4-year-old pulls a Spider-Man luxurious toy out of the uterus, and his mom assists him cut the “umbilical cable.” By Monday, more than 30,000 individuals had actually seen the YouTube video.


The Breakfasteur, who did not instantly react to the Daily Dot’s ask for remark, composed in the video description that her kid’s current birthday motivated the video.

” Our little person simply had a birthday (the huge 4!),” she composed in the video’s description. “And we recollected about the eventful, unforeseen day he got here and the flurry of incredible individuals included with getting him here securely.”

She composed that her kid likes superheroes which he understands that they originate from all various strolls of life.

” Heroes are made by utilizing whatever power they need to assist others, typically at expenditure of much sacrifice and threat to themselves,” she composed. “To the FM/OBs and ob/gyns who utilize their superpowers for their moms and wonder infants (together with a group of midwives, L&D personnel!) – you are all heroes.”

One commenter called the video “definitely dazzling,” and another compared the video to the video game Operation.


But some commenters raised issues about the lesson. One user composed , “What if the kid attempts to cut their own belly or a pal’’ s.”

Another included, “There is no other way to fix this disembodied abdominal area, which becomes part of a human lady. Excessive focus on the infant. I do not discover it charming, it’s really a bit frightening.”

Overall, however, The Breakfasteur appeared to get appreciation for the innovative birthday activity.

One cosmetic surgeon commented , “You see a sweet parent-child minute, all I see is that moms and dad is grabbing all of the knife. Let the Resident run!”

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