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A gateway to Ladakh’s hidden villages and valleys

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Markha Valley is bestowed with the varied charm of rocky mountains, snowcapped peaks, and tranquil hamlets. Therefore, making Markha Valley Trek a rollercoaster flight in various surfaces. Circling around some parts of Hemis National Park, this trek has a problem level of moderate to hard depending upon your physical fitness level. Understood as the tea home trek, this trek provides different levels of adrenaline rush. A few of that include high ascends, river crossing, bridge crossing, and so on. What by day paints a photo of an attractive landscape, by night covers you with a blanket of many stars. Beginning Chilling town, this trek sure produce one hell of an experience.

.Finest Time To Go For Markha Valley Trek  Best Time To Go For Markha Valley Trek

The finest time to go to Markha Valley Trek is throughout the months of June and September. These months make up the summertime season in Ladakh. Throughout these months the temperature level is moderate and the surface is mainly clear. It is the finest time to go to both the Srinagar-Leh path and the Manali-Leh path. Post-September, the roadways get obstructed due to regular snowfall and most passes get closed. Taking a trip throughout the months of June and September, you can likewise conserve yourself from the blows of severe winter season winds.

The perfect period of this trek consists of an overall of 6 days. A period of 6 days takes you through different picturesque check-points such as Chilling, Skiu, Markha, Hankar, Nimaling, Kongmaru La, Shang Sumdo, and so on. It lets you take enough stops in-between the travelling path. Despite The Fact That Markha Valley is substantially warmer throughout June, August, and September, it is no place as warm as the aircrafts. Make sure to constantly bring woolen clothes and an additional set of socks.

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. How To Reach The Base Camp

Image Credits: Pixabay

The base camp for Markha Valley Trek is a little hamlet called Chilling. This town is positioned at an elevation of 3,346 meters above water level. It is linked by Leh by the following modes.

.By Road: By Bus: Situated at a range of roughly 66 km from Leh, Chilling can quickly be reached by roadway. It is the only mode of transportation to reach Chilling from Leh. The town is positioned inside the facilities of Hemis National Park. One can make their journey by bus every Wednesday and Sunday. By Car/Taxi: Another method to take a trip to Chilling town by the ways of cars and truck or taxi. It is likewise the fastest mode to reach Chilling by Leh. Taxi trips will cost you someplace around INR 1200 and INR 1500. If you put on’’ t have much experience driving in high elevation areas, it is suggested that you employ a regional motorist.

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.5 Highlights Of Markha Valley Trek.

Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh crosses previous numerous amazing checkpoints. A few of these checkpoints are lovely camping areas while some are attractive towns. Noted listed below are a few of the highlights of this trek.

.1. Skiu Village

Image Credits: Pixabay

Skiu Village is located nearby to Kaya Village. This town is positioned within the facilities of Hemis National Park. It is among the extremely first towns that you will go through in this trek. It is circled around with big rocky mountains. Here, one can remain in homestays and can likewise decide to camp.

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.2. Markha Village

Image Credits: Pixabay

Situated along with the popular Markha River, Markha Village is the greatest town positioned in Markha Valley. It is house to more than 22 households and is a crucial checkpoint of Markha Trek. Here, one can likewise discover various homestays to rest for the night. En path, you can likewise find regional individuals with their yaks.

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.3. Hankar Village

Image Credits: Pixabay

Hankar is a little town with amazing landscapes. It is likewise thought about as one of the most stunning drop in this trek. This town likewise provides you stunning views of an abbey. Remaining the night in this town will likewise bring you closer to the regional food of Ladakh.

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.4. Kang Yatse Hill

Image Credits: Pixabay

On your method to Markha Trek, you will likewise take pleasure in the magnificent views of Kang Yatse Hill. This throne-shaped peak is located inside the properties of Hemis National Park. Delight in looking at the snow-covered peaks and record the amazing landscape with your video camera. Kang Yaste has 2 tops approximately located at an elevation of roughly 6400 meters.

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.5. Kongmaru La

Image Credits: Pixabay

Kongmaru La is positioned at an elevation of 5130 meters above water level. It is likewise the acme of the trek and provides magnificent views of the Kang Yatse Hill. This high-altitude pass links Markha Valley with the Indus Valley. You will travel through this hand down your method to Chokdo Village.

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Head on for an awesome experience with Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh. Witness the interesting modifications in the captivating landscape as you get-going. This trek represent absolutely nothing more than a thrilling vacations in Ladakh . State Juley to your next experience in the mountain peaks of Ladakh.

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.Often Asked Questions About A Gateway To Ladakh.

What is the very best time to choose Markha Valley Trek?

The finest time to choose Markha Valley Trek is throughout the months of May and September. Throughout these months the temperature level is moderate and the surface is mainly clear.

What are a few of the security pointers to bear in mind while travelling in Ladakh?

Given listed below are a few of the security pointers to remember while travelling in Ladakh:

.Owing to the high elevation, It is essential that you take some time to season for a couple of days upon your arrival in Leh and prior to going on a trek. Constantly equip yourself with an individual first-aid box. Ensure you are accompanied by a travel guide prior to heading for a trek. Throughout your trek, make certain to take enough water breaks to keep yourself hydrated. Pack sufficient dry treats like dry fruits to assist you keep the speed. Bring a tough set of treking shoes that you are comfy using. Load an additional set of underwears and socks. Load additional batteries and power banks.

What are the leading treks in Ladakh?

Given listed below are a few of the leading treks in Ladakh:

.Stok Kangri Trek – Difficult Kang Yatse 2 Trek – Difficult Chadar Trek – Difficult Markha Valley Winter Trek – Moderate Sham Valley Trek – Moderate.

Are there any towns positioned in Markha Valley?

Listed listed below are a few of the towns positioned in Markha Valley:

.Rumbak Skiu Sara Shingo Markha Hankar.

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