July 27, 2021

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Edible wheat bran dinnerware review

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Looking to cut down on single-use waste from non reusable plates and bowls? Consume them! We did simply that to put this wheat bran tableware to the test.

When it concerns consuming outdoors, paper plates are as typical as hamburgers and hotdogs. Get one off the stack, stack it high, and toss it into the fire as soon as you’’ re complete.


But if you ’ re attempting to prevent that sort of one-use waste, here’’ s a brand-new choice: Biodegradable– and — edible!– plates and bowls made with 100% pure wheat bran.

We attempted a brand-new lineup of this absorbable tableware to see simply how they accumulate to their nonbiodegradable and non reusable equivalents. And, what the heck? We likewise attempted consuming them because —– well, why not?

 BioGreen Mark wheat bran naturally degradable plates

.BioGreenMark Wheat Bran Camp Plates.

Manufactured by Polish business Biotrem , this specific lineup consists of little, medium, and large-sized plates, in addition to both oval-shaped and basic bowls. The brand name even provides flatware sets to complete your location settings.

For this evaluation, I picked a 10-pack of bowls ($ 17.99) , together with an equivalent variety of forks ($ 4.99) . The business was kind sufficient to send out along a complimentary pack of medium plates for evaluation.

As luck would have it, I was preparing a veggie curry when package showed up. The product packaging holds more buzzwords than a hive of literate bees: natural, compostable, naturally degradable, vegan-friendly, and GMO-free. While this is definitely good, goodwill goes just up until now if it spills hot food all over my lap.

After a short doubt, I took out among the bowls, lined the bottom with rice, and covered it with a generous assisting of curry. About 10 minutes later on, I’’d reached the bottom of the meal.

 Wheat Bran naturally degradable plate

Impressive! The bowl held up shockingly well, with just the smallest indications of softening. Its general structure stayed strong, and it would’’ ve had no problem with a 2nd assisting. The wheat bran even provided a enjoyable and small taste to the curry. This showed to be the case over about a half-dozen dinners, without a single spill or failure.

On the drawback, I most likely wouldn’’ t have actually utilized these anymore than two times. They’’ re replacements for single-use plastics more than recyclable, packable camp-specific alternatives. I likewise wouldn’’ t shot and clean them in between usages —– as Weird Al stated, simply consume it.

.How Does It Taste?

Bottom line: They taste like cardboard. Or a minimum of, cardboard covered with a thin layer of curry. The texture is chewy and expectedly hard, like you’’ re chewing on pure wheat bran. Since that is, in reality, precisely what you’’ re doing.


While this might sound undesirable, I really suggest it in a favorable method. Look, the bowl tastes like what it is. It’’ s far from unpalatable, particularly when covered in the residues of a great sauce. I’’d gladly tear and chomp away at one of these while relaxing the campfire.

I might not survive the entire thing, however it’’ s a great way to include some roughage to your diet plan while lowering your dishwashing time.

And yes, it does taste much better than a real paper plate.

 Wheat Bran eco-friendly plate

.Eco-friendly Camp Cutlery.

The flatware experience was a little various. Made up of 90% polylactide and 10% wheat bran, the forks are marketed more for their recyclable nature than their edibility. Let’’ s see how they make with supper.


Not rather along with I’’d hoped. The branches warped practically right away, although the fork held together well adequate to finish each meal. With a rate of around $5 for a 10-pack, I’’d have actually liked to see a bit more stability from this item.

 Biotrem fork bent

.How to Buy.

Here’’ s where things get challenging. The plates and bowls are produced in Zambrow, Poland. Biotrem’’ s site declares a production capability of ““ 15 million pieces of naturally degradable non reusable plates or bowls a year.” ” That ’ s all well and good, however how do you get them stateside?

For this, you’’ ll requirement to go to BioGreenMark , the main U.S. supplier. Fill your cart, make your purchase, and they’’ ll contact us to exercise the shipping information.

This was most likely the most off-putting element of the entire experience. Why not simply incorporate the shipping procedure with the purchase itself, like most of online sellers?

I hope BioGreenMark simplifies the shipping procedure in the future, possibly with an updated user interface. Still, once the information were exercised, the plan got here in a prompt way.

 Biotrem naturally degradable tableware

If you’’ re actually passing away to consume your camp flatware and tableware, however, you can purchase a 10-pack of EZFresh plates ($ 20) . We have actually not attempted this brand name and can not confirm to how it holds up (or tastes).


I like the concept of this item. A bread-bowl satisfies a recyclable paper plate —– what’’ s not to like? As an evidence of idea, I believe Biotrem and BioGreenMark accomplished.

As for the edible meals, I’’d state they ’ re primarily single-use. You might escape recycling them with dry food, however anything damp would make them a one and done.

Once the purchase procedure is smoothed out, these will be welcome at my picnic table any day.


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