July 27, 2021

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Turkish Airline’s first Airbus A350

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After rather a hold-up, Turkish Airlines has actually taken shipment of its very first Airbus A350-900. Its interior both isn’’ t what we anticipated, and is likewise precisely what we anticipated …

.Turkish Airlines’ ’ 787 &A350 order.

In the previous couple of years, Turkish Airlines has actually put some considerable airplane order to revitalize its long run fleet. In late 2017 the airline company purchased 26 Boeing 787-9s , and in early 2018 the airline company purchased 25 Airbus A350-900s .

These airplanes are planned to assist Turkish Airlines grow (or a minimum of that was the strategy pre-pandemic), and are likewise meant to ultimately change the existing long run fleet of 777s and a330s, though those airplanes still have a quite young typical age.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9

.Turkish Airlines takes shipment of very first A350-900.

On Thursday, October 22, 2020, Turkish Airlines lastly took shipment of its very first A350-900, with the registration code TC-LGA . The airplane flew from Toulouse to Istanbul in a flight time of 2hr53min. In light of the pandemic there weren’’ t any celebrations to commemorate this celebration.

The initial strategy has actually been for Turkish Airlines to take shipment of all 25 A350-900s in between now and 2023. As you’’d anticipate, there has actually been talk of Turkish Airlines attempting to press back the shipment schedule, so I wouldn’’ t be amazed to see future shipments take place at a slower rate than at first anticipated.

Turkish was expected to take shipment of this very first A350 a number of months back, as the aircraft had actually finished its very first flight in March. The airline company handled to at least get the schedule pressed back by a number of months.

.What are Turkish Airlines’ ’ A350 interiors like?

Turkish Airlines presented an all brand-new company class seat on its 787-9s , which it began taking shipment of in mid-2019.

Turkish Airlines’ ’ brand-new company class seat


However, within months there were reports that the airline company wasn’’ t extremely pleased with these seats , based upon unfavorable feedback from consumers, in addition to upkeep concerns. Based upon that, the strategy was apparently for the airline company to set up all brand-new company class seats on A350-900s, along with on freshly provided 787-9s moving forward.

With Turkish having taken shipment of its very first A350-900, what are business class seats like? Well, it appears that the airline company didn’’ t really follow through on changing its organization class seats —– the aircraft has the exact same organization class seats as the 787.

The brand-new A350-900 includes an overall of 329 seats, consisting of:

.32 service class seats, in a 1-2-1 setup 297 economy class seats, in a 3-3-3 setup.

Turkish Airlines’ very first A350 type guest aircraft was provided tonight.

Due to the epidemic, it was chosen not to hold events in Toulouse and Istanbul.

After the very first A350 (TC-LGA) landed in Istanbul, it was welcomed with enjoyment by the personnel. pic.twitter.com/vnnqe8AJcX

—– HavArenaMedya (@HavArenaMedya) October 23, 2020

.Bottom line.

Turkish Airlines has actually taken shipment of its very first A350-900, though I wouldn’’ t anticipate the airline company to get all 25 of these airplanes by 2023. The A350 is an amazing aircraft (and personally I choose it to the 787), and Turkish is among my preferred airline companies, so this is a terrific match.

For much better or even worse, business class seats on the A350 correspond those on the 787s. I eagerly anticipate seeing these airplanes on long run flights quickly …

What do you make from Turkish’’ s brand-new A350s?


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