August 3, 2021

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After Electoral College vote, Biden hails U.S. democracy – but doesn’t let Republicans off the hook

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The Electoral College voted Monday , officially verifying President-elect Joe Biden’’ s win. Biden marked the celebration with a strong speech commemorating the durability of U.S. democracy and knocking Donald Trump’’ s tries to weaken faith in the election.

Biden hailed the work of a lot of individuals in making the elections run efficiently throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and in persevering after the election to safeguard its outcome. ““ It was genuinely exceptional since many of these patriotic Americans went through a lot: massive political pressure, spoken abuse, and even risks of physical violence,” ” he stated. “ While all of us want that our fellow Americans in these positions will constantly reveal such nerve and dedication to reasonable and totally free elections, I hope we never ever once again see anybody subjected to the type of risks and abuse we saw in this election.””


The election ’ s outcomes were completely checked, he stressed. Trump’’ s difficulties “ were heard by more than 80 judges throughout the nation,” ” and crucial states were stated—– in Georgia’’ s case, two times– with Biden ’ s win standing in every case.


This speech saw Biden more prepared than he frequently is to straight challenge not simply Trump however the rot at the heart of the Republican Party.

”” Even more sensational ” than Trump’’ s “ unwarranted claims about the authenticity of the outcomes,” ” Biden stated, “ 17 Republican Attorneys General and 126 Republican Members of Congress really signed on to a claim submitted by the State of Texas. It asked the United States Supreme Court to turn down the licensed vote counts in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.””


“ This legal maneuver was an effort by chosen authorities in one group of states to attempt to get the Supreme Court to erase the votes of more than twenty million Americans in other states and to hand the presidency to a prospect who lost the Electoral College, lost the popular vote, and lost every one of the states whose votes they were attempting to reverse,” ” he’continued. “ It ’ s a position so severe we ’ ve never ever seen it in the past. A position that declined to appreciate the will of individuals, declined to appreciate the guideline of law, and declined to honor our Constitution.””


Biden did, however, extend a hand to congressional Republicans, stating ““ I am delighted– however not shocked—– that a variety of my previous Republican associates in the Senate have actually acknowledged the outcomes of the Electoral College.””


” I thank them, ” he included. “ I am encouraged we can collaborate for the good of the country.” ” And he restated his constant pledge to ““ be a president for all Americans.””


” I will work simply as tough for those of you who didn ’ t elect me, as I will for those who did,” ” Biden stated.


Biden nearby acknowledging the passage of the ““ grim turning point ” of 300,000 COVID-19 deaths.

My heart heads out to all of you in this dark winter season of the pandemic ready to invest the vacations and the brand-new year with a great void in your hearts and without the ones you enjoy on your side.

My heart heads out to all of you who have actually fallen on tough times through no fault of your own, not able to sleep in the evening, weighed down with the concern of what tomorrow will bring for you and for your household.

But we have actually dealt with tough times prior to in our history.

And I understand we will survive this one, together.

And so, as we begin the effort to be done, might this minute offer us the strength to restore this home of ours upon a rock that can never ever be removed.

And as in the Prayer of St. Francis, for where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith, where there is darkness, light.

This is who we are as a country.

This is the America we like.

And that is the America we will be.

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