August 3, 2021

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Glimpses of Christ’s future Church in Exodus

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 In Exodus, We Find Glimpses of Christ's Future Church  In Exodus, We Find Glimpses of Christ's Future Church

What if Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, and the Sacraments were all encoded within the Exodus?

For the previous 2 thousand years, much has actually been composed on the lots of scriptural predictions by Old Testament prophets worrying the coming of the Messiah. These are widely known. Much less attention has actually been provided to the prophetic meaning embedded in the Old Testament that points to the coming of Christ in unmentioned indications and signs. These unmentioned predictions—– the divinely influenced signs—– are embedded in individuals, locations, things, and incredible incidents. These covert unmentioned predictions within Exodus are the typologies of Christ and the New Covenant.

In reality, the entire story of the Exodus is a foreshadowing of the coming of Christ. It is interwoven with indications and signs for the New Covenant. The Apostles and the early Church Fathers describe this symbology in the Old Testament as ““ types ” and “ figures. ” This typology is throughout the Old Testament, however is most noticable in Exodus. The typologies in Exodus are so main that they expose rather clearly, through symbology, the coming of the Messiah and his sacrificial objective. If Genesis 3:15 is the protoevangelium, then, Exodus is the full-fledged Old Testament Gospel. The Exodus anticipates the Gospel so noticeably that it might extremely appropriately be called ““ The New Exodus ” or “ The Second Exodus. ”


The indications and signs of Exodus provide a sneak peek of the coming Redemption. The Exodus was the fore-look of the Incarnation. The kinds of the Old Testament paved the way to the truth of Christ, the Church, and the Sacraments. These types can be seen in the primary characters of Exodus, in Moses, and Aaron, and Joshua. They can be seen in the primary occasions of Exodus: the Passover lamb, the crossing of the Red Sea, the theophany on Mount Sinai. The types can be seen in the amazing things too: the manna from Heaven, the water from the rock, the column of cloud and the pillar of fire, the bronze snake on the pole, the Tabernacle. The typologies can be viewed as well in the specific sacrifices, such as the everyday whole scorched offering, the Yahweh and Azazel goats, and the red heifer sacrifice. They can be seen in the selected times of the Jewish banquets as a roadmap to Salvation History. All was sign and type. The Exodus is stuffed with typological predictions of Christ.

The fact is these Exodus typologies are discovered throughout the Bible and the works of the early Church Fathers. St. John the Baptist understood these typologies well, as he exclaims in the existence of Jesus: ““ Behold, the Lamb of God, who removes the sin of the world! ”( John 1:29) St. Paul, and the rest of the Apostles, understood these typologies too, as he specifies matter-of-factly: ““ These are just a shadow of what is to come; however the compound comes from Christ” ”( Col. 2:17). In his letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul enters into this in more information:

I desire you to understand, brethren, that our dads were all under the cloud, and all travelled through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, and all consumed the very same supernatural food and all consumed the exact same supernatural beverage. For they consumed from the supernatural Rock which followed them, and the Rock was Christ.

.( 1 Cor. 10:1 -4).

He is declaring the typologies of Exodus as exposed in the individual of Jesus Christ and the Sacraments. The Israelites went through the Red Sea directed by the column of cloud and the pillar of fire. As the Fathers discuss, the Red Sea is a kind of a baptismal typeface. The Israelites decrease into the waters of Baptism in crossing the sea and reemerge from the opposite. The Holy Spirit as the fire and the cloud blesses the waters of the Sea. Pharaoh and the Egyptian soldiers are a type for sin. As they go after the Israelites through the Sea, the waters fall back down upon them, drowning and cleaning them away. In satisfaction, the water of Baptism wipes away Original Sin and all of our sins, simply as the Egyptians are gotten rid of from the Israelites. Comparable expositions can be made from the manna from Heaven and the water from the rock to the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit.

The ancient understanding of the Church Fathers is that Christ and the New Covenant are encoded throughout Exodus. My recently released book, Burning Bush, Burning Hearts: Exodus as Paradigm of the Gospel , checks out these typologies that are rupturing forth in Exodus. The book uses a special commentary on the underlying importance concealed within the story of Exodus that points straight to the Catholic faith.

Burning Bush, Burning Hearts tries to plumb the depths of these numerous differed circumstances in Exodus and their foreshadowing of the truth to come. Christ is the brand-new Moses and the brand-new Joshua leading us in this brand-new Exodus. The Israelites were devoid of slavery and injustice under Pharaoh. As Moses led them to flexibility with his wood personnel, the Cross of Christ likewise releases us from the slavery of sin and death. Jesus is the satisfaction of Moses as a kind of redeemer of his individuals. Simply as Moses is the redeemer of his individuals the Israelites, so too, is Christ is the real Redeemer of all individuals through the Church. Moses is the particular individual who provides satisfaction for the Israelites as the leader to Christ, who is the one Mediator in between God and humankind.

The typologies of Exodus point towards Christ’’ s First Coming in his Incarnation. They point likewise towards the 7 Sacraments of the Catholic Church. The typologies of Exodus point towards Christ’’ s Second Coming and the end of the world. My book attempts to provide insights into each of these incidents through the signs discovered in Exodus. The typologies of Exodus are our plan and roadmap. They expose to us how we are to live our lives, in our own Exodus, in the desert wilderness of this world, in order that we might one day participate in the Promised Land of Heaven.


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