July 27, 2021

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Biden picks Rice and McDonough for the roles they’re not most known for

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The next batch of elections submitting Joe Biden’s wanted administration remain in and they’re, well, a little odd. Experienced Obama White House hands Susan Rice and Denis McDonough are now on the group; Rice was, naturally, the Obama administration’s nationwide security consultant and ambassador to the United Nations. McDonough was at first tapped as deputy nationwide security advisor, later on ending up being White House chief of personnel.

That Biden would pick leading members of the Obama group to submit his own is mainly anticipated, however it’s the positions that are a bit curious. McDonough has actually been chosen to be secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Rice, a diplomacy professional, will rather function as Biden’s head of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

Neither choice will land the professionals in functions associated with their real know-how, simply put. That’s a bit of a puzzle. The Associated Press points out Biden advisors to recommend that the choice of the prominent Susan Rice for a leading domestic policy post signals an intent to raise the Domestic Policy Council’s influence inside and outside the administration. (It is likewise does not need pressing Rice through a frothing Republican Senate packed with conspiracy cranks still insistent on something-something Benghazi.) McDonough has no apparent experience associated to veterans’ affairs.

At very first look, then, these choices seem of the management viewpoint that direct experience in the important things being handled is of less significance than being a reliable supervisor in basic, the property that guides business executives as they move in between heading soda business or automobile ones. … ehh? We’ll see.

What’s clear is that Biden has a good deal of self-confidence in Rice and McDonough’s capabilities. And he is certainly submitting his White House with Obama veterans, as anticipated.

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