August 3, 2021

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The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama is getting criticized after decorating Christmas tree with ‘thugshots,’

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The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama is getting slammed for publishing an image of a Christmas tree embellished with pictures of individuals who’ve been jailed or are desired for criminal offenses, calling the pictures “thugshots.”

The constable’s workplace published the image to its Facebook page on Thursday. The “star” of the tree is a set of prisoner shoes. The “decors” were supposedly Photoshopped onto the tree.

” We have actually embellished our Tree with THUGSHOTS to demonstrate how lots of Thugs we have actually removed the streets of Mobile this year! We might not have actually done it without our faithful fans!” it composed in its post.

The Facebook post has actually apparently considering that been erased.


According to , over 7,900 individuals discussed the post, with one calling the habits “revolting.”

A representative for the constable’s workplace, Lori Myles, safeguarded the tree on Friday. Myles informed that the post was “part of a series of ‘punk Thursday’ messages that emphasize images of individuals who desired numerous criminal offenses.”

” The punk tree was to demonstrate how lots of people we have actually jailed by putting them out there (on social networks) and having the neighborhood sharing that we were trying to find those individuals in which resulted in an arrest,” Myles informed the outlet. “It’s a good idea. It’s an advantage in a neighborhood that they have actually taken these profession lawbreakers off the streets. We were thanking them and revealing the outcomes of Thug Thursday.”

” It’s amusing and does draw attention, which is why we share it,” continued Myles. “There are outcomes. We were not laughing at (of those jailed), however it’s about taking a look at what occurs when a neighborhood gets included and burns out of these individuals and their criminal activity. It’s law enforcement and the neighborhood interacting.”

The word “punk” has a racist undertone, as it is a word that has actually been utilized throughout the country’’ s civil liberties history to explain Black individuals and delegitimize racial demonstration motions, according to NBC News . Some supported the post, numerous slammed the message as “terrible and degrading treatment by the constable’s department.”

JaTaune Bosby of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Alabama informed that mental disorder and drug abuse ought to not be made a joke as ““ most of individuals detained for criminal activities battle with” those concerns.

” They require the neighborhood’s support and care, closed refuse from leaders,” she stated.


Bernard Simelton, president of the Alabama NAACP, likewise rebuked the “despicable habits by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department,” reported .

” We reside in a really unpredictable time,” stated Robert Clopton, president of the Mobile County NAACP. “I imply, the relationships in between police and the public has actually been jeopardized. Not just that, however we are living throughout a pandemic today where everybody requires to be concentrated on the exact same objective, which is having as lots of people assisting each other or to assist browse through this atrocity that is going on today.”

” This is unsuitable, disgraceful, rude, despicable, revolting, and awkward to the people of Mobile County.”

Twitter users likewise had something to state about the tree. “They declare to be understaffed however have time to photoshop this racist hack task? What a waste of taxpayer funds,” composed @DixieBeDamned.



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