July 27, 2021

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Spirit’s frequent flyer program just got a whole lot better

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Yesterday, Spirit Airlines revealed a brand new regular leaflet program that is set to release on Jan. 21, 2021. While the ‘‘ Free Spirit ’ name will stay, it ’ s an otherwise top-to-bottom replacement of Spirit’’ s old, outdated, less-than-rewarding regular leaflet program with a brand-new, modern-era technique.

With a brand new program comes a long list of modifications. We launched a guide that covers whatever we understand about the brand-new Spirit Airlines Free Spirit program . If you simply desire to understand the highlights, here are the 3 greatest enhancements to the Free Spirit program that we’’ re most delighted about.

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.More time to utilize your points.

There was a lot of chance for enhancement in the old Spirit Airlines Free Spirit program, however the instant non-starter with the program was that your miles would end 90 days after you made them without extra earning activity.

Even if you flew Spirit at routine periods 2 or 3 times each year, your Free Spirit miles were most likely going to end eventually. Any three-month space in between Spirit flights —– unless you actually headed out of your method to keep your miles alive —– indicated that they were all gone. I never ever troubled making any Spirit miles for my kids, and my own would constantly ultimately end.

Beginning Jan. 21, your Spirit points won’’ t end for a minimum of a year. And if you have a cobranded Spirit Airlines charge card account, your points won ’ t end for as long as you have that card.

Otherwise, any redeeming or earning activity as soon as every 12 months with Spirit (or its partners) will reset the expiration clock for another year. That’’ s still not an industry-leading policy, as lots of programs have gotten rid of point expiration totally , however it’’ s sensible and significantly much better than the old guideline.

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( Photo by Nick Ellis/The Points Guy) Ability to swimming pool points.

When you’’ re scheduling travel for an entire household, it ’ s simple to wind up with little regular leaflet balances spread throughout several accounts. The capability to pool those miles or points resolves that issue by enabling you to integrate redeemable benefits from various accounts together to book awards much faster. Points pooling isn’’ t a distinct function to Spirit, however it’’ s still reasonably unusual throughout U.S. regular leaflet programs.

Beginning Jan. 21, Spirit will permit its cardholders and elite status members to run a points swimming pool that is open to approximately 8 other family and friends members. Those members of the swimming pool put on’’ t need to have any specific charge card or elite status level to be in a swimming pool —– you simply can’’ t run one. In my case, that indicates my father (a happy Spirit cardholder because permanently) can be the head of the points swimming pool, and after that my household can pool our made Spirit points into that account so they won’’ t ever go to squander once again.

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( Photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy) Ability to make totally free bags and seat tasks.

Outside of a huge promo or status match chance (and my gut states that will occur), I most likely put on’’ t fly Spirit enough to make elite status. Some individuals do. One of TPG’’ s own Florida-based points professionals might idea some of his airline company reservations to Spirit to make status .

For the folks who invest enough with Spirit (or on the cobranded charge card ) to open elite status, it’’ s an actually huge offer that seat projects and bag costs can be waived starting Jan. 21. Having the ability to fly an ultra low-priced provider on an inexpensive ticket and prevent those charges would be a huge game-changer.

When I fly Spirit, it is really typical that my secondary costs expense as much as (if not more than) the base fare itself, so this would represent really genuine cost-savings for the status holder.

( Photo by Nick Ellis/The Points Guy) Bottom line.

From what we understand up until now, Spirit’’ s brand-new brand new program still doesn ’ t put them at the front of the pack, however it definitely puts them in the pack of airline company regular leaflet programs. That alone is a significant enhancement.

With these modifications, Free Spirit will go from a commitment program that was unworthy the time of even registering my kids to make miles , to one where my whole household will be actively making points.

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