July 27, 2021

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Giant panda cub gets named

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We have an upgrade about among the most favorable stories to come out of 2020, and the upgrade is simply as wholesome as the initial story. The (small) huge panda cub that was born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo 3 weeks back has actually lastly gotten a name, and it is the most proper and prettiest name of all. Xiao Qi Ji is his name in Chinese, however it equates to ‘little wonder’ in English.

The little huge panda has actually gone definitely viral in the previous number of weeks after a video of his amazing birth was launched by the zoo, and because the world fell for the cub, the zoo chose to let the world take part in calling him. Naturally, the web does not dissatisfy when it concerns infant animals.

We were offered an option of 4 names, and after 3 weeks and almost 135,000 votes that have actually been cast, the cute name ‘little wonder’ was picked. The long waiting duration was not a mishap, it becomes part of Chinese custom to wait 100 days prior to calling the cub. We want the little cub luck and success, and for his mom, Mei Xiang, to have much more cute healthy cubs in the future!

Story through The Associated Press .

.1. Our small ‘little wonder’  Panda 2. Now 3 weeks old and with a name  Panda - Smithe Rubhans 3. A capture from the video of ‘little wonder’s birth  Panda - 0321/2020 1835:45 4. Mei Ziang, the cub’s just-as-cute mother  Panda

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