July 31, 2021

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The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders by Daniel Harkavy: A Review

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 Review of The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders by Daniel Harkavy

Business leaders need to have 2 things in order to accomplish, according to Daniel Harkavy: decision-making capability and impact. Coming to that unusual mix of strengths is mainly a matter of state of mind.

In 7 succinct chapters, Harkavy determines the 7 point of views that produce fantastic choice making and strong impact. He argues that every leader should have a viewpoint on 7 things that exceeds their own understanding and experience. That frame of mind of openness and a determination to discover in these locations identifies a terrific leader from a great one. The 7 viewpoints are Current Reality, Vision, Strategic Bets, Team, Role, client, and outsider.

Some of the 7 are simple enough for knowledgeable magnate to easily understand. Others need a little illustration, and Harkavy supplies that through a variety of real-business examples of each concept. That’’ s among the most valuable elements of the book.

Another is a detailed guide to performing these principles in a service setting. Harkavy argues that the viewpoints form a structure that leaders should regularly use to their decision-making procedure. A last chapter describes how to do that, making the book a how-to handbook instead of a simply theoretical teaching.

As a service coach with over 25-years’ ’ experience in assisting leaders grow, Harkavy is well certified to compose on the topic. His design is available and uncomplicated. At 144 pages, this book is an useful, empowering read for hectic leaders.


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