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The Hidden Mayan Ruins of Calakmul in Mexico

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 Calakmul Mayan Ruins Guide Calakmul Mayan Ruins in Mexico Campeche, Mexico

Calakmul is an ancient Maya destroyed city situated deep within a jungle biosphere on the Yucatan Peninsula. Here’’ s why it ’ s my preferred archeological website in Mexico!


Not numerous individuals make it down to the ruins of Calakmul compared to the other popular Mayan pyramids in Mexico like Chichen Itza or Tulum —– primarily due to its really remote area near the border of Guatemala.

Calakmul is far from any traveler cities, needing a quite long &&devoted journey out there to go to the website.

It’’ s a genuine covert gem for those who want to get off-the-beaten-path!

Located in the Mexican state of Campeche on the Yucatan Penninsula , the ruins are comprehensive and cover 2 square kilometers (0.77 sq mi).

Many areas have actually never ever been excavated, and since it just gets about a lots visitors daily, it seems like a real ““ Indiana Jones ” type of experience.


In this travel guide, you ’ ll discover ideas for going to Calakmul, in addition to some intriguing history about my preferred Mayan ruins in Mexico .

.History Of The Calakmul Maya Ruins  Walking Through the Ruins Calakmul Archeological Site.

The ancient city of Calakmul is believed to have actually been occupied with about 50,000 individuals. It was ““ re-discovered ” and called by a biologist called Cyruss Lundell, who flew over the location in 1931.

Calakmul indicates ““ 2 nearby mounds” ” in the Maya language– that makes sense as I’’ m sure the 2 primary pyramids simply appeared like 2 mountains in the middle of a really flat jungle!

The city was the capital of a big local state at the time. The Calakmul kingdom consisted of 20 secondary cities such as La Mu ñ eca, Naachtun, Sasilha, Oxpemul and Uxul. The population of the entire kingdom is approximated to be about 1.7 million individuals!

The similarly big city of Tikal in what’’ s now Guatemala routinely battled with Calakmul —– up until Tikal ultimately took and won over in 700 ADVERTISEMENT. Ultimately the city was deserted and taken in by the jungle over centuries.

Calakmul’’ s ruins and the surrounding jungle was stated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

.Calakmul Ruins Highlights  Calakmul Pyramids Pyramid Structure 1  Anna Sitting on top View From the Top of the Pyramid Structure 1.

Among the lots of fascinating structures discovered there are 2 massive pyramids —– called Structure 1 &&Structure 2. Structure 1 is the 2nd greatest pyramid at Calakmul, reaching a height of 130 feet/40 meters. Something that makes Calakmul stand apart from other websites is that you can climb up these pyramids!

The actions of the pyramids are high, and not extremely large —– perhaps simply the length of your foot. Some are narrower than that! You require to be cautious climbing, and ideally not scared of heights. Falling would be a catastrophe …

 Pyramid Enveloped by Jungle View of Structure 1 from Structure 2  Climbing the Pyramids Climbing the Pyramids Pyramid Structure 2.

The most remarkable structure in Calakmul is called Structure 2. This pyramid was developed a variety of times over centuries to reach a last height of around 150 feet/50 meters.

It is the greatest and biggest structure in the Maya world. 9 royal burial places have actually been discovered inside the pyramid, some consisting of abundant artifacts like jade masks.

.Mayan Ball Court.

Calakmul has its own Maya Ball Court, where professional athletes put a rubber ball (representing the sun) into a little stone circle set down really high up on a wall, without utilizing their hands OR feet.

Some carvings recommend that the winning group’’ s captain was beheaded, which signified honor. The ballgame is over 3,500 years of ages, making it the very first arranged video game in the history of sports.

Games were played to fix arguments in between competing cities or as an option to full-scale war.

.Chiik Nahb Acropolis.

The Chiik Nahb Acropolis, or ““ Place of the Water Lilly” ” is a location to the North of the website. Climbing this Acropolis offers you an exceptional view of Structure 2 for pictures.

This complex is popular for amazing painted murals just recently found within.

 Mayan Stone Stelae Maya Stelae with Red Pigment Ancient Stone Stelae.

Many excellent stelae can be discovered at this website too —– big pieces of stone that have actually been elaborately sculpted with glyphs and images.

Unbelievably a few of them still have their initial color pigments revealing! It’’ s insane that the color has actually lasted so long …

.The Biosphere Reserve  Calakmul Biosphere Reserve Wildlife Blue Ocellated Turkey in Calakmul  Howler Monkey Screaming Howler Monkey’’ s are Loud!

The ruins of Calakmul lie inside the enormous Calakmul Biosphere Reserve , 2,792 square miles of safeguarded jungle.

You’’ ll discover all sorts of wildlife living within the reserve, consisting of Ocellated Turkeys, Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Baird’’ s Tapir, Tucans, and if you’’ re SUPER LUCKY– the really evasive Jaguar!

The finest time to see wildlife on the increase to the ruins is early in the early morning, or right prior to sundown in the late afternoon.

 Driving to Calakmul Ruins Driving to Calakmul through the Biosphere Getting To Calakmul.

Calakmul is far more challenging to reach than other Mayan ruins in Mexico. I’’ ve went to 3-times now, when through a mix of taxi, bus, and bike. Plus two times more with a rental vehicle (it’’ s a lot easier!)

.Rental Car.

The finest website to schedule your automobile is Discover Cars . They browse both global and regional automobile rental business to assist you discover the very best possible rate. This is the simplest method to lease a cars and truck in Mexico.

CANCUN –– Calakmul is 464 km (6 hours) from Cancun by automobile. TULUM –– The ruins are 334 km (4 hours) from Tulum by automobile. CAMPECHE –– Calakmul is 300 km (4 hours) from Campeche by cars and truck.

.By Bus/Taxi.

The closest town to Calakmul is a little city called Xpujil . There are buses that range from Campeche and Tulum to Xpujil by means of the Mexican ADO Bus Service .

Once in Xpujil, you can then work with a costly taxi (the journey still takes an hour or two) to take you to the Calakmul ruins —– they will wait while you check out for a couple of hours.

 Camping in the Jungle Camping at Campamento Yaax Che Where To Stay Near Calakmul.

Because Calakmul is generally in the middle of no place, you’’ re going to require to invest a night or 2 close-by. The closest towns are Xpujil and Chicana. Here are some tips for great locations to remain throughout your journey to Calakmul …

.Finest Accommodation In Xpujil BUDGET Hotel Villa Calakmul MID-RANGE Hotel Nicte Ha LUXURY Casa Maran Camping In The Calakmul Biosphere.

If you’’ re up for an experience, I extremely advise outdoor camping within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. There are a couple of camping sites situated within, and you can even lease a camping tent if you wear’’ t have your own. The location I’’ ve remained throughout all my journeys is called Campamento Yaax Che .

Just know that camping over night in the jungle is a really LOUD experience! Walking in the dark with howler monkeys yelling at you from the tree tops is something you’’ ll never ever hellip &forget;

.  Jungle Pyramid in Mexico Jungle in All Directions … Tips For Visiting Calakmul The ancient ruins of Calakmul are HUGE. Strategy to invest a minimum of 4 hours checking out the website, if not more. If driving from Xpujil, initially you’’ ll need to get in the Biosphere Reserve. From here you still have a winding hour-long drive to the ruins. Yes, you can climb up the ruins! This is unusual in Mexico nowadays, however I believe it’’ s since this website gets so couple of travelers. You can work with a tourist guide at the entryway for about $600 MXN pesos who will describe the history and culture of the website. You might be the only ones there if you go on a weekday around 8am when they initially open! Travel Planning Resources For Calakmul Entry Fee: $200 MXN ($ 10 USD) Opening Hours: 8am –– 5pm Packing Guide.

Check out my travel equipment guide to assist you begin loading for your journey.

.Schedule Your Flight.

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. Lease A Car.

Discover Cars is a fantastic website for comparing cars and truck costs to discover an offer.

.Low-cost Accommodation.

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.Secure Your Trip.

Don’’ t forget travel insurance coverage ! Secure yourself from possible injury &&theft abroad. Check out why you ought to constantly bring travel insurance coverage .


I hope you enjoyed my guide to checking out the remote Calakmul Mayan Ruins! Ideally you discovered it helpful. Here are a couple of more wanderlust-inducing posts that I suggest you check out next:

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