July 31, 2021

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How reality TV made middle-aged women aspirational

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While lots of components of the category are viewed as retrograde, in series like the hit Real Housewives franchise being an older female is no barrier to fabulousness

After the runaway success of Netflix’’ s Indian Matchmaking, truth TELEVISION fans waited with bated breath for its most current Mumbai export, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. A cross in between the Kardashians and the Real Housewives franchise, the program follows the lives of 4 pals of 25 years – Maheep, Neelam, Bhavana, and Seema –– throughout 8 episodes. Though the facility has possible, the very first series fell flat; the way of lives of the well-known and abundant are absolutely nothing without a side serving of schadenfreude. We wear’’ t see enough of casts ’ inner lives, or of Indian culture, to separate it from the conveyor belt of comparable programs. It seemed like we’’d seen it all previously.

Even so, it was still rejuvenating to see older females speaking about their hopes and worries on TELEVISION. It’’ s revitalizing to see older females on a TELEVISION program, complete stop. While numerous aspects of truth TELEVISION are viewed as retrograde, it is maybe more progressive than other categories when it pertains to the representation of older females, inasmuch as it troubles to portray them. I’’ ve constantly loved the old-time glamour, just embodied after a particular age, that we see in snatches from the couple of older ladies we still permit to act –– Cicely Tyson, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren. My design hero given that a young age has actually been my jewellery-dripping, high-flying grandma (who just lets us call her ““ nana ”, as she believes “ grandmother ” is less trendy). The Dynasty days of trendy, diverse older ladies are long gone, with a lot of vanishing from the media past 50. They carry out in part, nevertheless, reside on in a subsection of truth TELEVISION.


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