July 27, 2021

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17 Creepy Theories About Aliens

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““ Aliens might do to us what we did to wolves, selectively reproducing a when honorable types in monstrous methods, changing us into the equivalent of bulldogs, poodles, dacshunds, and so on” ” — flipester

. If they ruined us totally, they wouldn ’ t even discover.

“ One theory is that&if they are adequately advanced that aliens might treat us like ants.We wear ’ t concern about whether or not a dam will trigger an ant hill to be flooded out when we develop dams. A types that is advanced as far beyond us as we are beyond ants may’look for to change our world or even our solar system to their benefit without providing factor to consider to what might occur to us. ” — Victor_HardApple

. It would be more secure for them to eliminate us.

“ This advises me of the Dark Forest Theory&. Like hunters in a “ dark forest ”, a civilization can never ever be specific of an alien civilization ’ s real intents. In summary:


~ All life desires to survive.”

. If other lifeforms can or will ruin you if provided an opportunity, #ppppp> ~ There is no method to understand.

~ Lacking guarantees, the best alternative for any types is to obliterate other life types prior to they have a possibility to do the very same. ”— 2020Chapter

. It might simply be another pandemic.

“ For all we understand, aliens may not be the ‘ little green guys&’ that fly around in flying dishes and damage us with laser beams– they might be“an interstellar pathogen that appear one day and ‘calmly and easily eliminates all of us without caution. Our body immune systems would have no concept what struck – them. ” — CaptainWisconsin

. Totally various morality.

“ Our human principles of morality and compassion are greatly affected by our mammalian biology.

. Imagine that aliens land, and rather of having good little family their types lays clutches of countless eggs at a time. They wear ’ t type strong bonds. Life is basically expendable for them. They see us weeping over a dead kid and they have actually no context for comprehending why this would be disturbing.


I ’ m not stating all aliens will resemble this; however some absolutely might be. ” — ToBePacific

.” Our worst worry.

“ What if there actually is important info to be gotten from anal probes? ” — HarlanCedeno

. The beasts might be us.

“ What if it winds up the other method around? What if we wind up having the ability to take a trip in between the stars, and we discover some aliens that aren ’ t as technically advanced as we are? I might quicklysee us being imperialist intruders, dedicating the atrocities we ’ ve dedicated versus each other on a whole types so we might have a 2nd world with an oxygen environment and quickly obtainable natural deposits. That would be genuinely scary. ” — Victor_HardApple

.” They might not appreciate us at all.

“ The scariest thing to me is believing that aliens desire absolutely nothing to do with us.


I put on ’ t get why everybody believes that aliens would assault us instantly.It ’ s something if we enter into their area, however if they come across us we ’ re probably safe. Them discovering us would indicate they are exceptionally advanced. Anything they might manage assaulting earth they might get far much easier by gathering it from a various world in our planetary system. Unless they feed particularly on brainwaves, it isn ’ t worth the trouble to assault a world bristling with life they might have some weapons, nevertheless primitive, that may be utilized versus you.


It ’ s much more frightening to think that aliens have/will one day find us and won ’ t be interested, They won ’ t desire us on their intergalactic counsels, they won ’ t wish to provide us medication, they won ’ t wish to form any bond. If they choose to simply leave mankind alone, that indicates either they have actually chosen we are unworthy conserving, or that we are too near to damage to be worth the resources. ” — BombsNBeer

. They ’ re immunizing themselves versus us.

“ Maybe all these expected alien kidnappings and UFOs over the previous 100 years have actually been alien researchers constructing vaccinations versus our recognized illness on their own and adjusting their own medicalresistances for human beings too– monitoring our development versus our own illness so when both civilizations are on top of it we can be invited into the galactic fold securely. ” — [erased]

. We won ’ t even see them coming.”

“ That one day they will simply eliminate our world without us ever understanding why which it will be so quick we put on ’ t even recognize it&. ” — Jenova66

. What it implies for us if aliens’aren ’ t genuine.

“ That they wear ’ t really exist. If there were no sophisticated civilization that can colonize other worlds, that would suggest that&the majority of them go extinct prior to they reach that level of technological improvement, which implies that we are most likely destined termination too. ” — bullet-cat

. We ’d be animals to them.”

“ Maybe they treat us like we deal with chickens, cows and pigs. ” “– HansMustermann

. They might not poop.”

“ They may not have orifices for pooping or consuming.


Hear me out. Practically all life in the world is topologically comparable to a donut. Implying we have a within wall and an outdoors wall( breathing and digestion track) that runs like a hole through us, and our essential bits are sandwiched in between these walls.


One of the only examples of life that isn ’ t like that would be for instance single-celled organisms, amoebas and such, which simply sort of ooze over whatever they obtain nourishment from and osmos it into themselves. Presently in the world just micro organisms resemble that( modify: likewise some odd ocean animals).


But there are fossils dating from prior to the Cambrian surge from countless years ago which hint that an entirely various kind of intricate and big organisms may have developed to stroll the earth prior to that evolutionary family tree was eliminated by an asteroid or the like.Among the earliest of these unusual fossils is of a zero-orificed animal that had to do with a meter long! We put on ’ t have a great deal of details from life throughout that age however it shows there might have been a whole evolutionary track of complicated life kinds preferring life that is topologically comparable to ball rather of donut. Which ’ s in the world.


So, yeah. We might extremely well discover a whole world of giant, oozy amoebas of various types and intelligence, who neither consume, speak, or shit like we do. Simply attempt determining how to beach THAT cultural and language barrier. ” — Maxwells_Demona

. They ’ ve currently noped out.

“ That they ’ ve discovered us, observed from a range for the previous 10 years or two, and have actually stated the world a hot spot that no one need to ever check out. ” — CaptainsLincolnLog

. Interstellar commercialism.

“ You understand those people that survive on islands in the Pacific that sanctuary ’ t had technological development in countless years? That ’ s us.


— You understand those global logging business that would enjoy a possibility to simply come rake over the island and take what ’ s there?


Somewhere, there ’ s an alien Greenpeace that ’ s simply hardly managing on a small budget plan. ” — buyongmafanle

.” The Dark Forest Theory.

“ The Dark Forest theory kinda freaks me out. Deep space is a dark forest. Every civilization is an armed hunter stalking through the trees like a ghost, carefully brushing aside branches that obstruct the course and attempting to tread without noise. Even breathing is made with care. The hunter needs to take care, due to the fact that all over in the forest are sneaky hunters like him. If he discovers another life– another hunter, angel, or a satanic force, a fragile baby to tottering old guy, a fairy or demigod– there ’ s just one thing he can do: open fire and remove them. ” — Juturna _


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