July 31, 2021

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Viral TikTok video shows how chicken nuggets are made: McDonald’s worker reveals

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 A TikTok video of a McDonald's staff member making chicken nuggets

A staff member at McDonald’s has actually exposed the tricks behind the fast-food chain’s chicken nuggets in a viral video on TikTok.

The video, published by TikTok user @moon_man14 in September, reveals a staff member banging a bag of frozen nuggets on the counter prior to tossing them into a deep fryer.


Numerous users revealed their awe at the clip, which has actually gathered well over 100,000 likes so far.

” Please do not inform me I’m the just one that discovered chicken nuggets come frozen,” one user stated.

Another user was similarly blown away by the reality that they had actually “been consuming bagged nuggets this entire time.”

Such videos belong to a growing pattern amongst TikTok users captivated by how junk food is made. An employee at Chick-fil-A just recently went viral for likewise revealing how the business’s nuggets were made.

Racking up more than 13 million views prior to being erased, the video revealed that Chick-fil-An in fact begins with raw chicken and makes its nuggets from scratch. At the time, a number of audiences of the video required McDonald’s to share its procedure for making nuggets.

Another TikTok user went viral in October after revealing how Kentucky Friend Chicken (KFC) made its gravy.

But such videos aren’t constantly enjoyable and video games. A Chick-fil-A staff member declared in August that she was fired by the business after exposing menu hacks that enabled consumers to conserve cash.

Collectively, the fast-food category on TikTok has actually acquired 10s of countless views.


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