July 31, 2021

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Rudy Giuliani, a Russian pawn?

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The bombshell story of Hunter Biden’’ s computer system goes something like this: Rudy Giuliani was walking around in Wilmington one day when he observed a disk drive resting on the walkway. When he hooked it up, it ended up being loaded with incriminating proof about Hunter Biden’’ s lobbying for a Ukrainian energy business, in addition to some risque pictures. What luck! He provided it to the FBI and turned over a copy to his friends at the New York Post, who put it all on their front page.

OK, that’’ s not precisely how it took place. It may as well be, considering that the real story is barely any more credible . Tonight, the New York Times offers some tips about what most likely actually occurred :

The intelligence firms cautioned the White House late in 2015 that Russian intelligence officers were utilizing President Trump’’ s individual attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani as an avenue for disinformation focused on weakening Joseph R. Biden Jr.’’ s governmental run, according to 4 previous and existing American authorities.

…. Mr. Giuliani has actually made several journeys to Ukraine to collect product that is harming to the Biden project, and his December see came as he attempted to move the political discussion from impeachment procedures versus Mr. Trump to unverified claims about Mr. Biden’’ s misdeed.

Conservatives are apoplectic that traditional wire service are primarily overlooking the disk drive story (up until now) which both Twitter and Facebook at first acted to restrict the spread of the Post story. And I barely blame them for being dissatisfied. This kind of thing has constantly worked so well in the past, so why not this time too?

That’’ s hard to state. The positive take is that everybody has actually found out a lesson from 2016. The less positive take is just that (a) Giuliani is a nutcase nowadays, and (b) he’’ s been openly looking for exactly this example for over a year. It’’ s barely credible when he develops specifically what he desired simply 3 weeks prior to the election.

Republicans are primarily hanging back on this story, considering that they understand it might explode any minute. The Senate Judiciary Committee strategies to open an examination of Twitter, obviously as a safe method of keeping this story in the spotlight without in fact taking a stand on it. Stay tuned.


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