July 31, 2021

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After being allegedly splashed with water, a Trump supporter pulls gun on teens

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 A Trump fan intending a weapon at teenagers

A fan of President Donald Trump was recorded on video intending a gun at a group of teenage ladies after apparently being sprinkled with water.

The video, caught near a pro-Trump rally in Washington State, starts with the guy, who can be seen using a Trump hat, waving the handgun while screaming at the ladies.


An unknown lady with the shooter can be seen trying to pull him far from the group, to little success.

The specific shooting can be heard consistently screaming “weapon” while requiring to understand the identity of the male.

A private on Twitter declaring to have actually experienced the occurrence states the women were not accountable for sprinkling the male. Another guy, who apparently ran away the scene, was stated to have actually tossed the water.

Police supposedly showed up on scene not long after and challenged the shooter. The male is declared to have actually informed the officers “that he believed it might have been acid” prior to recommending that the water might have been “chewing tobacco” or feces.


The Twitter user likewise shared extra video of the guy physically attacking among the teen ladies throughout the encounter.

” More video footage of him,” @JustABitAlien stated. “Here he pushes an unarmed teenager with his weapon drawn.”


The supposed witness declares that the male was not detained and eventually was permitted to leave the scene.

Police, according to the Seattle Times , have actually still not found the identity of the guy who tossed the liquid.

The video has actually been seen more than 1.3 million times on Twitter alone.


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