July 31, 2021

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Philadelphia police smash windows of stationary car—with a baby inside: video shows

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 Philly cops seen surrounding a vehicle and after that smashing it

A video distributing on social networks reveals a troop of Philadelphia Police Department officers assembling around an automobile, smashing its windows, and dragging out somebody from inside prior to they press them to the walkway and beat them.

A couple of seconds later on, another individual is seen emerging from the automobile bring an infant.

The video was tape-recorded and submitted by Instagram user @breezy_thegent’s on Monday, with the area tagged as West Philadelphia.

The video reveals individuals leaving a scene where lots of police officers are seen running towards a fixed automobile. As soon as the police officers get near the automobile, a minimum of 2 of them are seen kicking the vehicle and smashing the window of the front seats.

One officer is seen smashing the automobile with a baton a minimum of 8 times, while the other polices drag out the individual on the front seat. That officer is then seen striking the individual a couple of times with the baton prior to the individual is dragged to the curb by other officers.

The Daily Dot counted a minimum of 15 officers in one still of the video.

A couple of seconds later on, another individual is seen coming out of the vehicle; this individual is holding an infant.


Throughout the video, the individual recording is heard revealing their shock at the circumstance.

““ Somebody simply held out a child, c’mon!” ” states the individual after identifying the traveler emerge from the cars and truck with an infant.

The Daily Dot was unable to individually validate the area or the timing of the occasion; the Instagram user did not react to our ask for more details.

Philadelphia PD has actually validated with the Daily Dot that authorities are “familiar with the occurrence” and they are checking out the matter. They did not react to the Daily Dot’s ask for details on why the officers smashed a fixed cars and truck, and if they understood there was a child inside.

The video was shared on Twitter by user @chadloder on Tuesday night too, amassing more than 1 million views given that it was published.

According to the description of the video, the cars and truck was a ““ passing automobile that was attempting to reverse.” ” At the start of the video that was published, the cars and truck is seen fixed.

The video was shared as Philadelphia plunged into a 2nd night of demonstrations and riots following the cops killing of a Black male, Walter Wallace Jr.

Philadelphia cops eliminated Wallace Jr. after his moms and dads called authorities to react to a mental disorder emergency situation he was dealing with.

However, when cops arrived, they fatally shot him rather of de-escalating the scenario, restoring a discussion on how Black males with mental disorder are a lot more most likely to be eliminated through cops violence than white males with mental disorders.

““ cops beating individuals not even associated with the demonstration. They continue to reveal they need to be eliminated,” ” composed a single person in reaction to the viral clip.

. https://twitter.com/the_sweetums/status/1321288330928099328?s=20 https://twitter.com/wegausherrkrise/status/1321281315036082184?s=20.

The large variety of police officers at the scene in the video– which seems in lots– was a cause for issue for lots of online.


One individual called it a “ mad, crazy attack ”by the polices.

. https://twitter.com/Rabidchihuahua7/status/1321301053061664768?s=20 https://twitter.com/sharkattax/status/1321284077606084608?s=20 https://twitter.com/Think_WithMe/status/1321288248233283585?s=20.

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