July 27, 2021

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On a Tiktok video, a nurse cries over Trump’s remarks over corona virus

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A now-viral TikTok video reveals a nurse sobbing and revealing her anger about President Donald Trump says minimizing the coronavirus.

User @foleyfriends, whose name on her bio is Cristina, published a TikTok video on Tuesday blasting the president for his tweet, which has actually been considered tone-deaf by numerous.

CNN determined the user as Cristina Hops, a nurse in Seattle. Hops states at the start of the video that she saw the tweet after she’’d strolled house from work.

““ I simply wan na state: How attempt he? How attempt he weaken all of the work that we have done as nurses and doctor and breathing therapists? And I’’ m sorry I ’ m having a psychological breakdown over this,” &rdquo ; she states.


“ I have actually seen numerous individuals suffocating to death,” ” Hops states later on in the video. ““ And for him to state do not hesitate of COVID is remarkable. I can not calculate.””


The video has actually been seen more than 300,000 times, amassing a much greater view count than her other videos from her 52,000 fans.

On Tuesday, the president tweeted prior to he was leaving Walter Reed medical center that individuals shouldn’’ t let the infection “ control [their] life. ” “ We have actually established, under the Trump Administration, some truly fantastic drugs &&understanding, ” Trump composed. ““ I feel much better than I did twenty years earlier!””


It stirred mad responses from lots of, not just for his minimizing of an infection that has actually eliminated more than 200,000 and contaminated more than 7 million individuals in the nation however likewise since the majority of them did not have access to the timely and extraordinary health care that he did.

““ Not every American has access to the leading therapies and medical professionals with the most sophisticated devices offered to the President of the United States,” ” composed Dr. Eugene Gu, a singing critic of the president.

““ Wouldn’t it be great if everybody could get the very same care you have gotten without needing to pay a single penny?” another user composed. “You enjoy universal healthcare when it’s benefiting you, do not you?””



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