August 3, 2021

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Plane passenger sticks gum in woman’s hair

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A viral TikTok video reveals why it may be in your benefit to be thoughtful of your fellow guests on an airline.

A video published by Janelle Elise Flom ( @janelleelise ) presumably reveals the vengeance another airplane guest got on a female being in front of her who kept tossing her hair over the seat and obstructing the TELEVISION screen.

The video begins with the disappointed guest securely matting a heap of gum into the other female’’ s long hair as it ’ s curtained over the TELEVISION. She pauses her shenanigans quickly as a flight attendant strolls by, however then she gets some nail clippers and starts thoroughly snipping off random hairs.

After that, a lollipop gets contributed to the sticky mess, and the entire thing is soaked in a travel mug most likely filled with coffee. Dives ahead reveal the lady in front consistently continuing to toss her hair back, even as the traveler who compromised her gum and her coffee for this vengeance keeps tossing the hair back onto the opposite of the seat.


Flom’’ s caption merely asks, ““ Whose side are you on?” ” And individuals have some quite strong viewpoints about the entire thing.

““ At very first I didn ’ t concur however then she kept turning it back and ugh, ” composed @iblack235.

““ Ok I legit in the beginning idea that was horrible till she revealed her putting the women hair far from her and the lady kept putting it back,” ” concurred @evelia_mendez. ““ So it alters.”


Truthfully, there weren ’ t many individuals choosing to condemn the gum chewer for undermining the hair that destroyed her flight. There were rather a couple of folks who questioned the authenticity of the entire video.

““ Come on that ’ s a wig!!! Totally staged!!! You believe after she turned it she didn’’ t feel all that things in her hair!” ” @victoria_theartist mentioned.


The front traveler’’ s hair was absolutely weighed down after having a lollipop, liquid, and gum contributed to it, and it would take a severe level of absent-mindedness not to observe as much while entering a hair-flipping war with a complete stranger.

Besides, Flom appears to play a great deal of pranks on her TikTok page, a number of which are as outrageous as this show and tell of revenge.

Now the genuine concern is—– was that flight attendant who strolled by in on the entire thing, or did she truly not appreciate the severe hair vandalism going on in coach? Audiences might never ever understand.


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