August 3, 2021

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Place your favorite things in this mini portrait jewelry boxes

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 Miniportrait Jewelry Boxes Will Hold Your Favorite Things

Most of us have a couple of go-to pieces of precious jewelry that we endure the everyday, whether it’’ s a preferred pendant or set of earrings. When getting prepared and having a safe location to save them is necessary so they remain safeguarded, keeping them in a quickly available area conserves time. Created by Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore of Studio Lido , the Portego Miniportrait fashion jewelry boxes are completely sized to hold your most unique items or essential pieces.

Miniportrait can be found in 2 shapes, each with a fan pleated style on the cover, and an underside equipped with a mirror. The round style serves as a hand mirror while the oval variation’’ s can be placed vertically within a little pocket in the base to work as a table mirror. The covers include magnets to remain safely in location up until you’’ re all set to eliminate it.

The Miniportrait Oval Jewelry Box and the Miniportrait Round Jewelry Box are hand-finished and hand-made to offer a creamy touch. They can be found in 4 colors: Natural wood, Coral, Gray and Blue.

From The Shop  Miniportrait Oval Jewelry Box Shop Miniportrait Oval Jewelry Box $255.00  Miniportrait Round Jewelry Box Shop Miniportrait Round Jewelry Box $185.00.

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We contribute 1% of the Design Milk Shop sales to charities or entities that promote social justice and reform or supply relief. Read the Design Milk Mission for our dedication to contributions, variety, equity + anti-racism action.

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