August 3, 2021

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WATCH: NY Gym Owner Rips Up $15,000 Lockdown Fine: ‘We Will Not Comply’

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A U.S. military veteran and health club owner in New York ripped up a $15,000 lockdown great from the Erie County Health Department throughout a live Fox News look on Tuesday.

Robby Dinero, owner of Orchard Park’’ s Athletes Unleashed fitness center, was struck with the huge fine following a fight with a health department authorities and Erie County constables on Friday for holding an after-hours demonstration in his closed health club with other company owner. The conflict, reported by The Daily Wire , ended with the federal government authorities being ushered off the fitness center owner’’ s home.


Speaking with Fox News ’ Sandra Smith, Dinero argued that the lockdown orders go too far, rejecting Americans the liberty to make money. All at once, the veteran highlighted, NY Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz are generating $225,000 and $103,000 incomes, respectively, by means of taxpayers.

Dinero challenged the New York authorities to look their constituents’ ’ kids in the eyes and inform them their moms and dads’ ’ work is not “ important.”


Before signing off with Smith, the business person took the $15,000 fine and ripped it up , as advocates collected behind him shouted ““ We will not comply ” and waved American flags.

““ Poloncarz ’ s Health Dept fined Marine &, war veteran &company owner Robby Dinero$ 15,000, ” he composed. “ Kicked them out of his fitness center. Video went viral. Stimulated the resistance versus dictatorial political leaders. Please share our GoFundMe. Assist him combat versus this $15K fine.”


Poloncarz’s Health Dept fined Marine, war veteran &&entrepreneur Robby Dinero $15,000. Kicked them out of his health club. Video went viral. Stimulated the resistance versus dictatorial political leaders. Please share our GoFundMe. Assist him battle versus this $15K great

—– Stefan Mychajliw (@StefanMychajliw) November 24, 2020

The GoFundMe checks out as follows:

.Since of COVID, #ppppp> Local service owner, Marine and war veteran Robby Dinero began the resistance versus the federal government and authorities arbitrarily shutting down services. Video of this happy patriot tossing out health inspectors from his health club went viral. Power starving political leaders punched back, fining this veteran and small company owner $15,000 for certainly withstanding high-handed COVID shut downs that are more about power and control than your health. We can assist Robby resist. An attack on one is an attack on all. Let’’ s raise enough to cover the expense of his absurd great managed by an over-zealous Health Department managed by Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

As kept in mind by The Daily Wire , Dinero and other entrepreneur declined to comply when a health department authorities and the Erie County Sheriff’’ s Department entered their center on Friday. Business owners, who taped the interaction, informed the health dept. authorities and the constables to ““ go get a warrant ” and leave their “ personal property. ” To cheers from business owners, the authorities complied, leaving the health club and the front of business, video programs.

““ Tim Walton participated in the conference that started at around 7pm Friday and informs WBEN there were more than 100 individuals going to the conference inside the health club,” ” WBEN reported . ““ In a news release and article, Walton states the Erie County Sheriff’’ s Department and Health Department went into the center and challenged the event, informing them they remained in offense of the limitation to mass events of no greater than 10.””




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